In 1954 Albert Krietemeyer needed silos to service his cattle farm. Upon witnessing the construction of silos in Archbold, Ohio, where he regularly sold his cattle, Albert began to formulate an idea. He discussed the idea with his enterprising son George that had just returned from Germany after serving proudly in the US Army. George not being one to waste time, quickly found and purchased 2 foot forms, the tool of the time for building silos.

Having the necessary instruments, there was only one thing left to do – build. George began close to home and built 3 silos for his dad, Albert, in Fort Jennings, Ohio. He built two others that year. The next year he built 15 silos.

By 1959, George needed to enlist the help of his brother Don who had recently returned from Army duty in France. The addition of a brother meant adding brother to the name, and so began Krietemeyer Bros. Silos.

In 1983, recent college graduate Steve Krietemeyer joined the family business. As farming declined into the 1990’s so did the demand for silos. With 40 years of history and two crews to support, Steve needed to transition the company into new markets. He decided that Krietemeyer Concrete could apply its years of expertise in the difficult silo construction business to pouring straight walls and slabs.

Although the last silo was built in 2002, thousands of silos stand silently as monuments to the dedication and skill of the Krietemeyer Bros. Silos. The quality and craftsmanship that began as a family legacy in 1954 continues to this day.

Krietemeyer Bros. Silos 1954 – 2002

Krietemeyer Concrete 2002 - Present